May 11, 2016

“They say you can’t fight City Hall” was the first line of my first journal, written on November 26, 2015. But this is a story of how – and why – you can’t not fight City Hall. This is a story of why you have to fight when you know what’s right.

I won’t say that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. I will say that it matters more that you fight for what’s right. If you don’t, the bullies win. Never let the bullies win.

I’ve been writing this journal of unbelievable transgressions against my daughter, Shana, since 2014. When I say “unbelievable”, I mean that these are things only Hollywood could come up with. Yet it was Cleveland State University that came up with them. More unbelievable still, in an ending even Hollywood would not dare to script, CSU got away with it!

I am alleging the following:

Check out the script.

Persecuted: After seeking help from the University Ombudsman – that’s what the Ombudsman is there for! – a high-ranking faculty member scolded her for doing so. Shana was bullied that day…and six (6) months later.

Falsely accused: According to Shana’s lawyer the patient was asked to write a complaint against Shana, and admitted so during deposition. That complaint was used to frame Shana for falsifying his/her records, endangering the patient’s life and lying to her instructor. Shana was framed!

Denied a defense: The School of Nursing expelled Shana, with no chance to defend herself or question her accusers.

Ruling ignored: The President of CSU ignored the Student Grievance Board’s finding that:

  • Shana had done nothing wrong.
  • She had been denied due process.
  • Animosity was sensed between the Staff and Shana.

She was given an “F”. And justice for all? Oh really?

Sabotaged by her lawyer: Shana’s lawyer nearly sabotaged her civil suit to overturn her dismissal. He withheld documents, and news, allowing CSU to get whatever it wanted. If we hadn’t checked the Court website and found what he was holding back, the sabotage would have been complete. From his actions, I am sure many may wonder whose payroll this attorney was on.

Evidence withheld: CSU refused to provide the audio recording of the hearing held before the Student Grievance Board. We knew it existed; it was standard procedure. But the University denied its existence.

Let down by a second lawyer: Without Shana’s consent, he allowed CSU to dismiss her top complaint, denial of due process. He was specifically asked to appeal the summary judgment, yet according to an on-line article, it is suggested he appealed only on a matter of broken contract and failed to submit “any evidence” to support his claim. Did he even submit the patient’s confession to either court?

Persecuted at a second university: A preceptor at Baldwin Wallace University, who was full of praise for Shana, suddenly lodged a litany of complaints against her. Thankfully, the accusations were immediately seen by all as unfounded. Shana graduated and became a RN.

Let down by the Court: The Court allowed summary judgment, and ruled in favor of CSU. Shana would never even get her day in court. The appeal didn’t change the results.

Let down by the legal system: The Ohio Bar Association found nothing wrong with either attorney for such transgressions as defying Shana’s wishes and hiding vital information from her.

And justice for all…Oh really?

The story doesn’t end there. After going through all this, I decided to take this story public. Why not let it fade into the distance, no more than a bad memory? Why share such private and traumatic events with the world? Why stick our heads up when the bullies have already won?

For three (3) very important reasons.

The first reason is that I am a mother. My daughter was wronged. She was tortured and maligned. I don’t want any other mother or father to have to go through that. In a world where you can be persecuted like this for using the services of the University Ombudsman as they were intended to be used, how could I sit on my hands and zip my mouth?

There’s a saying: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I hope that I can prevent such nasty behavior in the future by sharing my daughter’s story today. Honestly, there are plenty of grown adults who deserve a stern talking to:

  • faculty
  • lawyers
  • university presidents

People like that should know better. But if people like me don’t speak up, people like that will feel free to ruin other people’s lives with impunity.

The second reason for speaking up is for the world to know that my daughter, Shana, is top quality. I know she was set up by a few and let down by many, that she was framed. CSU sent her “student file”, which I am sure includes the false information I related in a previous journal, to the Ohio Board of Nursing. We received word that they threatened to do it towards the conclusion of the trial. Why? How much revenge do they need to extract for using the Ombudsman service? I guess that’s just what bullies do. The persecution continues!

Shana’s nursing degree was earned at Baldwin Wallace University. Will the Ohio Board of Nursing accept the falsified CSU files? Will it matter? Is there influence we don’t know about? Only time will tell.

But there is an even more important reason to make this public. The story needs to be told so that Shana can hold her head high. Shana, your mother is so proud of you. You aced it at CSU. You aced it at BW. You did it all the right way, the honest way. You stood your ground. You didn’t let the bullies win!

As Mohammad Ali once said, “Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong.”

There are a whole lot of people who should be walking around ashamed of themselves, but you are not one of them, Shana. They should be down on their hands and knees, praying, “Lord, give me the same courage and determination that Shana has.” As easy as it would be to become angry at the world for all that has happened, I pray that you are not.

I am proud of my daughter and I am grateful for the integrity, respect and humanity shown by some very important players in this story.

Baldwin Wallace Nursing Program Officers – These individuals took the time and the care to investigate the sudden “poor performance” complaints made against Shana. They made the effort to get it right, to ensure that justice was done. Justice for all, at least there.

CSU’s Clinical instructor – The one assigned to Shana at the time the accusations occurred. This one did not provide false testify against Shana during the Student Grievance Hearing. According to Shana this instructor even apologized saying s/he wasn’t sure why the act to dismiss Shana from the Program was happening.

CSU’s Student Grievance Board Members – These individuals reviewed the evidence presented against Shana. They listened to Shana’s claim of what had happened six (6) months prior. In the end, they ruled in favor of Shana. They noted in their findings the animosity felt in the room during the hearing. Justice for all, at least that time.

Family members and friends – These special people not only offered prayers and words of support to Shana, but they helped and continue to help us share Shana’s story with the public.

The Patient – This person admitted during deposition that s/he had been administered certain medication minutes before Shana’s arrival. Also, admitted s/he was acquainted with someone directly tied to the Nursing Program at CSU, and even went so far as to acknowledge s/he was asked by this acquaintance to write the complaint against Shana.

During the Student Grievance Hearing, Shana was informed by her accusers she was assigned this patient because it would be a “good lesson learned”. I think we all know now exactly what they meant!

Please stay tuned to my final journal for the special message I have for my daughter and a special request I have for those reading my journals!

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