Part IX

June 29, 2016

Before ending this journey, I must say a special and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the Ombudsman at CSU who did not turn away my daughter when she came seeking help. I also must say ‘God bless you’ to those very special individuals who saw the injustice and believed in the cause, and have worked tirelessly behind the scenes helping me with getting my daughter’s story out to the public.

I would like to thank my daughter, Shana, for allowing me to share her very private and painful story. A story we knew we could not keep secret, for that is exactly what those who plotted to destroy Shana’s nursing career and those who covered for them would want us to do.

I’d like to end on a positive note and say these words to my daughter, but maybe they will serve you well, too. Maybe they will inspire you also if ever you find yourself in a struggle for justice.

Shana, every cloud has a silver lining. The “powers that be” denied you your Bachelors of Science of Nursing Degree in May 2012. They blocked you from the court room. They kept you from getting a fair trial. Maybe they’ll even succeed in revoking your nursing license. If they do, know this: Man controls some things on earth, but God controls all things in heaven and on earth. God will show you another path. Just as He did when BW started a new nursing program just when you needed one.

Shana, don’t let anything that has happened destroy your faith in humanity. Don’t let anything that has happened destroy your faith in God. But most of all, don’t let anything that has happened take away even the smallest smidgeon of faith in yourself. You should be proud… you stood up to the bullies.

You may have worked twice as hard to become a nurse, but being a nurse is hard work. I thank you and the millions of other health care professionals who have dedicated their lives in caring for and serving others.

Please know you can do anything. God is watching over you. You need never fear.

I ask that you never do what your accusers and their accomplices have done. They showed you only revenge, and revenge is cold.

You are so much kinder than that. I ask that you always show the compassion they failed to show you. Compassion is warm. Our value is in who we are, what we do, how we act. Your value is in who you are, what you do, how you act. You have shown great character through this all.

You have been honest.

You have acted with integrity.

Most importantly, you have stood up to the bullies.

And here you stand, having fought for what is right, with many standing with you and praying for you.

I pray God will continue to keep you, bless you and protect you!
I pray you will always be allowed to use your skills, knowledge and touch to heal others!
I think you are an amazing young woman, an incredible daughter and a Super Nurse! God bless you!
Love forever and always,
Your mother

And before signing off for the last time, I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my blogs. Through these writings, and much prayer, I have been able to release the anger and revulsion that has consumed me since realizing my daughter had been railroaded and double-crossed. I am now ready to give this burden to our Lord.
Soon after getting her RN license, Shana signed up as a traveling nurse. The admission made by the patient that s/he was asked to write the complaint against Shana, and the unsubstantial complaint made by the BW clinical instructor, made us see just how deep the Bullies’ network is in Ohio. And the threat that Shana’s CSU “student file” was being sent to the Ohio Board of Nursing has opened our eyes to the strong thirst for revenge someone is apparently still seeking.

I would like to ask each of you to please stand with me in support of my daughter. I ask that you say a special prayer for Shana that those who are hell-bent on destroying her nursing career will have a change of heart, so that she will be able to return home to perform her nursing skills without the threat of retaliation.
I also ask that you join in with me and others by forwarding information about this website to your family members and friends, and ask them to do the same. History has shown us the dangers of what happens when inherently good people turn a blind eye to appalling injustices. I believe the more people made aware of this case, the less likely this will happen again. This must never happen again. WE MUST NEVER LET THE BULLIES WIN!

In closing, I would like to leave you with a wonderful quote by the late Maya Angelou. I believe if more people kept this in mind, the world would be a much better and kinder place. Once again I thank you for your support.
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
God bless!

Theresa M.

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