About The Music

Music has been added for your enjoyment!

I chose ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’ by Isaac Watts because the first two stanzas create a vision of how all of our accomplishments and worldly possessions are nothing compared to the sacrifice of Jesus’ life to the world!

I chose ‘You Got It’ by Dyverse for two reasons. I wanted to end this journey not only with an upbeat song, but one with a positive message. Spoken together those three little words can help in creating a positive attitude and building just the right amount of self-confidence.

In life we will all encounter obstacles, heartbreaks, and disappointments. So when we tell a child “you got it” … that they have the power within themselves to grow up to become good and productive citizens and do great things in the world, that positive attitude and self-confidence will help them cope more easily with the daily affairs of life!

Shana…Dennis… You got it!

“You Got It” by Dyverse


Bio: Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Dyverse found his passion for music at a very young age from different influences from his city. Growing up in the 80’s during the transitional period of Hip Hop, Dyverse was influenced by many genres of rap music country-wide.

His deeply rooted ties to the Mid-West brought style and charisma to his conscious persona, unveiling soulfulness and heartfelt lyrics to his music similar to legendary Chicago natives, Kanye West and Common. East coast rap music made a huge impact on his poetic and lyrical creativity as well. With comparisons to New York giants like Jay Z and Nas, the Cleveland native embraced the east coast rap scene; transforming him into a crowd-rocking, freestyle ciphering emcee with incredible wit and delivery.

Understanding the importance of creating anthems became more prevalent to the young Hip Hop artist. Now his music would be more complete, more universal and well-rounded. With performances all over the country, Dyverse has proven himself to be the complete rap artist that fans of all ethnicities, ages, gender and social backgrounds appreciate.

Since the popularity of his music in 2005, he has received radio play on nationally broadcasted radio in the United States and the UK. With millions of song plays online and a current fan base of over 50,000 fans from all over the world, Dyverse is well aware of the huge following he has created.