Part V

August 19, 2015

In part IV of my journal, I divulged what our family and friends felt was the ‘true’ reason behind my daughter’s dismissal from CSU’s Nursing Program. As noted in Shana’s speech, made before the SGB at CSU six (6) months before the dismissal, Shana had met with the University’s Ombudsman complaining about an instructor at CSU who was not assisting her with training. With the help of the Ombudsman Shana was moved into a new class. Unfortunately, a very high-ranking faculty member in CSU’s Nursing Program summoned Shana to her office after that meeting and informed Shana her actions of going to the Ombudsman and making a complaint against one of the nursing instructors had brought embarrassment to the Nursing Program. We believe this faculty member surreptitiously plotted and waited, allowing Shana to complete 95% of the in-class assignments and clinical evaluations, knowing all along she was never going to allow Shana to graduate from the Nursing Program at CSU.

At the start of the new Nursing Program at Baldwin Wallace, Shana discovered a couple of the instructors who had previously taught at CSU were now teaching at BW. We figured it was only a matter of time before certain faculty members at CSU would find out Shana was now enrolled in a new Nursing Program, but we thought by being at a different university Shana would have no issues. Boy, were we wrong! But more on that later.

Still a little apprehensive about the pending lawsuit against CSU due to the fiasco with Shana’s first attorney, I decided one day to check the ‘Court of Claims’ website. I found a document had been posted on the site on 2/12/2013 in which CSU’s legal defense team had requested that the Court dismiss the ‘Violation of 42 U.S.C. §1983’ (due process) count against CSU, and to my horror, another document posted on the site on 3/1/2013 in which Shana’s attorney had voluntarily agreed to the dismissal! We were livid.

This was the number one reason Shana had brought the lawsuit against CSU. Even though it is stated on CSU’s website that all students have certain rights, including the right to due process “as provided for by law and the University’s policies and regulations”, Shana, we felt and the Student Grievance Board at CSU agreed, had never been given that right. And now Shana’s attorney, without Shana’s knowledge or consent, consented to dismiss this major violation of her rights.

Being enrolled at Baldwin Wallace was a great diversion for Shana, and just like old times, she was once again excelling in her studies. She even entered and won an essay contest and was chosen along with several other students to represent BW on a medical mission trip to Lubec, Maine.

Right before the Maine trip though, something very strange and unexpected happened. According to Shana her assigned Preceptor, who used to compliment Shana on the great job she was doing, sent a written complaint to BW’s Council complaining about Shana’s performance.

Now please remember, Shana had already completed approximately 95% of a Nursing Program at CSU and was kicked out with only five months remaining. She is still responsible for paying the tuition fees, book fees, uniform fees and parking fees accumulated while attending CSU, which exceeds $29,000.00. Through God’s help, Shana found the courage and strength to start completely over by enrolling in another Nursing Program, at a more expensive private university. And now here Shana was being accused by her clinical preceptor at BW of poor clinical performance.

Not only did the written complaint center on Shana’s attendance, the following are some of the items noted in the letter: “…not working, just sits there. Will not help roll patients. Not attend bedside. Will not answer call lights. Will not put patients on bedpan…”

All I can say is “thank GOD” the Nursing Council at BW did not accept these accusations as the facts without first investigating. While evaluating the facts, they noted the following: “No problems were documented on midterm evaluations so the group questioned the discrepancy.” And as far as the problem with Shana’s attendance, as noted in a letter Shana submitted to a council member, the reason for the missed sessions was due to last minute schedule changes made by this very preceptor.

On July 27, 2013, I could not have been prouder. With tears in my eyes, pride in my heart, and giving all thanks to God, I witnessed as Shana graduated from Baldwin Wallace with her Bachelors of Science of Nursing Degree. On September 5, 2013, Shana passed the State Board and officially became a Registered Nurse! GOD IS GOOD!

Even to this day I’m still baffled about the accusations made in December 2012 by the preceptor at BW, which coincidentally, was almost exactly one year from the date Shana was dismissed from Cleveland State University, (December 2011).

The following event has only exacerbated my concerns and suspicions. On October 1, 2013, months after the shocking accusations by the BW preceptor, the legal team representing CSU subpoenaed Shana’s BW records including her student file. While that certainly may seem like a typical thing to do, they also specifically requested any disciplinary records! Anyone thinking what I’m thinking?

Stay tuned to the next episode when I share more unbelievable events.

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